2009. április 21., kedd


Lilla’s confession about her life between 15 November 2001 and 13 June 2003, when she was pulling the loan:

"The painting was created out of remorse in the summer of 2008. Up till that point me and my husband, János Borsos were trying to cope with paying the monthly installments of the debt, that has grown into a substantial amount by this time, but the minimal monthly payments were not enough even to keep it on the same level.  We were looking for a more efficient solution, so I could face my parents also, since they had no knowledge whatsoever of this little mistake of mine. It was a mistake indeed, as I did not need the money, my family was supporting me financially throughout college. I did not spend it on useful things, especially not on my education. I just thought why not apply for it, it was a way out of parental supervision, a fake feeling of freedom. I spent most of it on entertainment.

psychedelic experiences..."

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