2009. április 21., kedd

Where the painting has been so far

20 July 2008 The "For conscience's sake" 

exhibition with Alida Kovács at the Studio Gallery.  The painting was exhibited in its half finished form. Photo by FKSE 

19 january 2009. On the "Art Fair - Terv - Barátaink" 

blog created by Tibor Horváth and Miklós Mécs + on Vatera, thanks to the guys. There were no bids on the painting during the auction.

29 January 2009 The "Plastic Fantastic" exhibition at the Ferenczy Auction Centre, Budapest. Photo by Tiara

We had to take the painting to the Student Loan Centre for a few hours. While it was away, it was substituted by this small print:

9-10 May 2009  Viennafair. At the Budapest stand of FKSE, together with Csaba Uglár, Judit Fischer, Miklós Mécs and János Sugár.

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