2009. április 19., vasárnap

Our first visit to Tamás Csillag

Documenting the journey of the painting. 

Music: Antonio Badalamenti in midi file format (excerpt from the radio play „Hero” by Janó)

From left to right: Rita Halasi, Tamás Csillag and Lilla Borsos Lőrinc

Lilla is holding an envelope with the number 3676, containing the same amount of cash.  This is the difference between the number on the painting and the actual amount of the debt, that would have been returned if the picture had been purchased. This sum has now grown to 15.000 Forints since then.

The result of the meeting:

This push is just what we needed to get this fantastic/amazing/wonderful/astonishing project -the exhibition- off the ground. 

We quickly applied and got some money from the National Cultural Fund. 

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