2009. április 21., kedd

The symbol system of the digits

Upon choosing the pattern historical adherence and credibility was very important, as well as a visible progression from left to right. 

Starting point: crucial point of taking the loan. Childish thinking, seeing the world through pink glasses, irresponsibility, a plastic and drifting state.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Writings: isolation. Getting screwed up in unnecessary overthinking. During this period I wrote a diary in order to have some consistency in my life, and also to ease the tension created by the paranoid thoughts of my drug addicted mind. I had to communicate with someone, and since every contact with the outside world seemed awfully complicated and vulnerable, it felt obvious to talk to myself during these periods of silence. 



A wide variety of colorful LSD stamps. An artificial world, offering the possibility to live the magic that is long absent from reality. 

"the dot is a tribute to the emblem of  "The Corporation" art-organization. This organization played a very important role in my life. Their works and our collaborations were very inspiring.

"The Corporation art-organization was founded by four art students; 
Erik Mátrai, pao (Gergely Papp), Gábor Szenteleki
The Mike Nylons Figure (János Borsos) in the autumn of 2000. The emphasis for the organization has always been on the search for the freedom of art. Its aim is to take possession of all artistic forms of expression and techniques, and the re-invention of the connection between genres, and using these to transmit strong and live messages. The Corporation demonstrates its independence constantly, showing that art is not meant to serve the perversions of politicians, art-sellers, art-experts, etc. In any case it cannot be influenced by such ruling intentions. The Corporation is an integrated institute that tries to combine and complete the individual tools, knowledge and opportunities of more people. Our tools and techniques: panel painting, unique graphics, installations, objects, performances, actions, verbal messages, land-art. On the same rank, The Corporation frequently uses the digital media: design, video, electronic music, lyrics, internet, multimedia stuff, creating an illusion. Tightening the borders of meaning: experimental electronics, experimental film, experimental painting, everything experimental. And what gives form to all these is theTECHNO ___(cut&paste)__." 

An excerpt from the manifesto of The Corporation.

a few The Corp. opuses:


  pao: "a zagyak a zabsztaktcii"

pao: "afga reality nonwerbaal1"

                    hosszu: "the corp. milles brudermeister remix"

Darkness, hopelessness, failure.Things have gone wrong. ggggggggg


garbage: "kajapara", food miseries. Taking pictures of the constantly growing and changing garbage heaps in the apartment became a regular activity. It is the documentation, the imprint of our lifestyle at that time. We never cooked, we were living off junk food, and we completely neglected ourselves and our environment. The randomness and disorder everywhere has grown to be the main impact on us.


"A painted Chinese paper cut-out of a bat. This colorful, fragile and a little bit ugly demon figure was my favorite motif at that time, as it was floating above the "nothingnothingnothing" written on the wall. 

Neon color: the turning point. conversion-rebirth. RESTART 


Labyrinth, escaping from the trap. The anticipated happy ending: By selling the picture we will be able to pay back the debt. 


"everybody is very happy, everybody is all right!”(a typical sms from Misi when he is looking after our chinchillas in our absence)

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